School Hours

Bell Schedule

Grades 4-6

Bell Schedule for Students                  graphic of bell

Mon - Fri: 8:40am - 3:25pm ***Doors open at 8:25am

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm


Students will not be allowed in the building before 8:25 AM.  


In order to help ensure our students’ safety/security and to foster a sense of personal responsibility in our students, students will not be allowed to return to the building after 3:25 PM unless he/she is attending an after school activity.  They will not be allowed back into classrooms after 3:25 PM to retrieve forgotten materials including musical instruments and homework.

Tardy bell rings at 8:40 and all students are expected to be in their seats at this time.  Any student arriving after this time must be walked into the school building and signed in.

In order to help ensure our students’ safety/security, a parent/guardian is required to escort his/her child into the main office for check-in when the student arrives after 8:40.