Good Digital Citizenship Information

December 08, 2017

Digital Citizenship

If you are purchasing a device for your child this holiday season, FCPS wants to help you support your child in the online world.  If the device is internet-enabled, please consider the following:

  1. Before purchasing a gaming system, check the specifications of the product and its features. Popular gaming systems allow children to connect with other gamers; there is a possibility to connect with others that he/she may not know.

  2. It’s easy to spend hours on a device.  Help your children learn to manage their screen time.  

  3. Digital citizenship is learning process and your child will need sustained support from parents and teachers. Visit for a parent-child course that can help your family start conversations about navigating the online world.

  4. Have you thought about the rules you want to establish with your child for setting up accounts and downloading apps?  What will you allow and not allow and how will you monitor your child’s online activities?  Find advice and learn more at

  5. Online communication is public and permanent. Talk with your children regularly to remind them that what they do online may impact future opportunities.

Photo of students working on computers
Students learn and practice good citizenship skills when working online

Holiday #FCPSDigCit 

Are you getting “connected” over the holidays? Have conversations with your child about what it means to be connected in a digital world. This course can help get the conversation started!! 
PS4, Xbox, WiiU, Who are you talking to? Online gaming connects kids to real people, do you know your child’s competition? Stay safe online,  
Thinking about gifting your child with a device this holiday season? Think about what rules you might need to support your child’s technology use.  FCPS has a course that can help!  
Digital citizenship is learning process.  FCPS can help; visit  
iPhone...iPad...iHelp my child with digital life.
Feeling disconnected from your child? Set aside some quality time this holiday season and take the #FCPSdigcit parent-teen course. FCPS can help structure conversations with your child around positive online behavior.