My School Bucks - Paying for School Purchases

August 27, 2018

Don't forget about My School Bucks to pay for school purchases - not just for lunches.  

Recorder Letter and Form (Due September 24) for Music Classes


Note:  Parents may now pay for field trips via My School Bucks (MSB) which is used by many parents to buy school lunches.  Here is the process for enrollment:

  1. Go to or to the MySchoolBucks link located on the homepage to establish an account.
  2. Add your child using the name of the school they are attending, and either their student ID or birthdate.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been established.
  4. Make purchases with your credit/debit card or electronic checks.
  5. There are NO convenience FEES for using the online payment system.

Customer Service: