UPDATED: Kings Jesters Presents

March 08, 2018

Updated  :  Beauty and the Beast Jr performed by the Kings Jesters 

March 23 at 7 p.m. in the Kings Glen Gym 


Letter from the Principal:

Dear Kings Jesters and KG Gators,


Just moments ago, Mrs. Downham, Dr. Ritter, and I finalized plans for our 2018 production of Beauty and the Beast.  First and foremost, thank you for your patience, as we investigated every option that would allow us the best solution to a crazy start of "Spring!"


Here is the plan:

Assuming FCPS is on a REGULAR schedule on Friday morning, all performers should arrive to KG in costume and make-up.  Please have them bring a change of clothes for after the performance.  The performance will begin at approximately 9:15 (or as soon as KP 3rd graders arrive).

If FCPS is on a DELAY on Friday morning (which I do not anticipate), all performers should arrive to KG wearing their make-up.  They will change into their costumes before the performance, which will be held at approximately 1:15 (immediatley following lunch).

Due to the unprecedented weather closures this week, we will be holding a FRIDAY NIGHT performance at 7:00 pm.  NO EXCHANGE OF TICKETS IS NECESSARY.  ALL COLORS OF TICKETS ARE WELCOME!  (*Please "pack your patience," as this will surely be a very full audience!)


Friday NIGHT call times:

5:45 pm  Leads and Crew (please arrive in make-up and costume)

6:00 pm  All other performers (please arrive in make-up and costume)

6:30 pm  Doors open for audience members

7:00 pm  Curtain goes UP!!


**All Performers will need to change out of their costume IMMEDIATELY following this performance and turn it in to Mrs. Downham.  Please have your child bring a change of clothes.  NO exceptions!!

**While your child is changing and returning his/her costume, please consider helping Mrs. Downham and Mrs. Streavig break down the set.  Many hands make light work.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has made this year's Kings Jesters performance possible.  Most importantly, the REAL reason we will remember this forever is for what will be happening DURING the performances!!  Break a Leg, Jesters!!

The Proudest Principal in all of FCPS,



Samuel L. Elson Principal, Kings Glen Elementary School 703.239.4000 http://www.fcps.edu/KingsGlenES/