Grade 4 Supplies

June 13, 2018

School Supply List  

Below is a list of basic supplies requested for each grade level. Additional supplies required by each teacher are listed at the bottom.  A backpack is recommended for transportation of supplies/school books at all grade levels. There may be additional supplies requested by individual classroom teachers during the first week of school.


ALL Fourth Grade Students

3              Composition Books (100 pages each)

48           #2 Ticonderoga Pencils with erasers

12           Large glue sticks

4              Different colored Highlighters

2              Pair  Scissors, Pointed

1              Package wide-ruled notebook paper

1              24 ct Crayons box (no larger)

12ct        Colored Pencils, Box

4              Pink Erasers

1              Pencil Box (large enough to hold crayons, markers and colored pencils)

1              Zippered pouch for supplies (large enough to hold 1 glue stick, scissors, 3 pencils, 1 pen, 1 highlighter, & 1 eraser)

3              Boxes of tissues

2              Black Felt tip markers – PaperMate Flair (NO SHARPIES)

1              Strong/Durable Homework Folder

1              1 1/2-inch binder (hard cover, non-zip with inside pockets)

1              8-pack of numbered tabs for binders

1              3-pack of square sticky notes (3x3)

1              Wide rule one subject spiral notebook

1              container disinfectant wipes

1              Set of headphones (NO earbuds) to use with computer

3              Pocket folders

2              Expo Dry-Erase Markers-Low Odor, Black or Blue

1              Box Sandwich reseal able zip bags (BOYS)

1             Gallon size zip bags (GIRLS)

A standardized daily assignment notebook will be provided to each student.


Additional Supplies By Teacher

Mrs. Caza’s Class

  • 1 additional Binder (total 2)
  • 1 Letter Sized Clipboard
  • 8 ct markers
  • 1 box popsicle sticks
  • 3 subject notebook

Miss Hettema’s Class

  • 1½ inch binder (total = 2, hard cover, non-zip with inside pockets)
  • 1 Letter size clipboard
  • 1 8ct box of colored markers (washable)

Mrs. Skeen’s Class

  • All students bring box gallon sized zip bags
  • 1 Letter sized clipboard

Ms. K. Smith’s Class

  • Additional Supplies TBD

 Ms. S. Smith’s Class

  • 1 – Pencil Box
  • Box of #10 envelopes
  • Boys bring 1 box Quart sized zip baggies
  • Girls bring 1 box sandwich sized zip baggies

Ms. C. William’s Class

  • Additional Supplies TBD