Grade 5 Supplies

August 01, 2017

School Supply List

Below is a list of basic supplies requested for each grade level. Additional supplies required by each teacher are listed below the General list of supplies. A backpack is recommended for transportation of supplies/school books at all grade levels. There may be additional supplies requested by individual classroom teachers during the first week of school.

ALL Fifth Grade Students

24        #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (no mechanical)

1          Pack of 4 EXPO dry erase markers

24ct     Box of Crayons

12ct     Box of Colored Pencils, Box

8ct       Box of Colored Markers

1          BIG pair of scissors, pointed (labeled with student name)

2          Glue Sticks

1          Zippered pouch for supplies

2          Highlighter Pens

2          Packages 100 sheets wide ruled notebook paper

1          Roll of Scotch Tape- for class dispenser

2          Boxes of Tissues

2          Erasers (pencil top or other)

2          Plastic pocket folder

2          Composition Notebooks (No Spiral)

1          Set of headphones/earbuds to use with computer

A standardized daily assignment notebook will be provided to each student.

Many of these supplies will need to be replaced as needed.


Additional Supplies

Ms Byun’s Class •    1 ½ inch Binder (non-zip, hard cover, with pockets) •    Wish list items =  Sandwich or Gallon plastic bags Glue sticks Disinfecting Wipes

Ms McCrone’s Class •    1 ½ inch Binder (non-zip, hard cover, with pockets) •    Extra Pencil Pouch •    Wish list items =  Quart or Gallon plastic bags

Miss O’Neill’s Class •    2 additional Composition Books •    1 ½ inch Binder •    Wish list items =  Sandwich or Gallon plastic bags. Glue sticks

Ms Popovich’s Class •    2 inch Binder •    Pack of Dividers (5 count) for Binder •    Handheld pencil sharpener •    Wish list items =  Clorox wipes Ziploc baggies (gallon or sandwich size)

Mrs Teegarden’s Class •    Marble composition notebook (no spiral) •    2 additional glue sticks •    Wish list items =  Plastic Zip Lock Baggies (Gallon or Sandwich Size) Clorox wipes

Ms Perciful’s Class •    To be determined