Grade 6 Supplies

June 13, 2018

School Supply List  

Below is a list of basic supplies requested for each grade level. Additional supplies required by each teacher will be given out at the beginning of the 2018 – 2019 school year. A backpack is recommended for transportation of supplies/school books at all grade levels. There may be additional supplies requested by individual classroom teachers during the first week of school.

ALL Sixth Grade Students

3              Marble Composition notebooks

1              3-subject spiral notebook for math notes

1              1-inch or 1.5 inch binder for language arts

1              5-subject spiral notebook for science and social studies

48            #2 pencils with erasers

1              Package of plastic dividers

1              Box of EXPO dry erase markers

1              12 ct box of colored pencils

10            Large glue sticks

2              Pairs of Scissors

1              Zippered pouch for school supplies

2              Highlighters

3              Boxes of tissues

1              Set of headphones/earbuds to use with computer

3              Containers Lysol wipes

1              Roll of masking tape

1              Box of Scotch Tape

1              Box crayons

1              Box markers

2              Packs of square Post-it notes

3              Plastic (strong) two-pocket folders

1              Letter sized clip board

Many of these supplies will need to be replaced as needed. A standardized daily assignment notebook will be provided for each student.

Additional Supplies Coming in the Fall