School Expectations

Kings Glen Expectations

The Kings Glen administration, teachers, and staff are committed to preparing our students for the 21st Century through a child-centered instructional program which expects academic excellence; reinforces character and values; encourages the prevention of gang activity, violence, vandalism, drug use, and crime; appreciates multiculturalism and tolerance; and fosters improved self-concept, school climate, achievement, and discipline. We believe that children have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach in an environment which is safe and conducive to the process of teaching and learning.

The entire Kings Glen staff firmly believes that through our joint efforts (home and school) we can build a positive school community and guide children toward self-discipline and those attributes desirable for growing children - honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. Although children have a responsibility to behave in such a manner that it does not interfere with the safety and welfare of others, it is the overall responsibility of parents to ensure this occurrence.

At our school, teachers and staff join in this responsibility by creating and maintaining a positive school community. The Code of Virginia (SS 22.1-279.3) and FCPS regulations expect that this joint responsibility begins at the time a student leaves home for school and extends until his/her return. It is the responsibility of parents and students to report to the school administration or a school staff member any behavior that might endanger the safety and well-being of others.

Student Responsibilities and Rights (Regulation 2601.12P) - To achieve the goal of providing education of the highest quality, the Fairfax County School Board has defined the responsibilities and rights of students in all schools in the booklet, "Student Rights and Responsibilities". This booklet, available in the school office, is given to all students at the beginning of the year and whenever new students arrive. The information contained in the booklet is reviewed with all students by their teacher and the administration at the beginning of each school year and on a quarterly basis by the administration. Students are tested to ensure complete understanding of the contents of this regulation. Parents are provided a form, "Parent Signature Sheet -- Acknowledgement of Parental Responsibility!" as part of the FCPS Student Responsibility and Rights" handbook. Parents are expected to sign the form for each child at Kings Glen and return it promptly.

The development of self-discipline and respect for self and others are considered critical to the developmental process of upper elementary school students. Our school rules take these developmental needs into consideration while supporting our commitment to provide a safe environment for students which fosters mutual respect for individuals in the process of teaching and learning. 

Our expectations are highlighted below.

Toys / Distractions

Toys, games, and sporting equipment should not be brought to Kings Glen.  There are instances when a teacher may request a specific item from his/her students.  On these occasions, parents/guardians will be informed. Toys, games, and sporting equipment can be a distraction in the educational setting, may get lost, or could cause safety issues off campus (i.e. bus stop, walking to school, etc.).  For these reasons, these items are prohibited.   Any such items will be kept in the main office for parents to come pick up at their earliest convenience during office hours (8:00 – 4:00).


Students must be responsible for taking care of their own money, and should be discouraged from bringing extra money to school.  Please send only the amount required for the day to avoid problems of loss.

Responsibility For Students' Personal Property

Responsibility For Students' Personal Property

Students and parents should carefully consider the types of property and the value of belongings that children bring to school.  Students have the responsibility to respect personal property rights of other students, teachers, and administrators as well as the public’s property, including equipment and school buildings.  Students are responsible for the personal property that they bring to school, on a school-sponsored function such as a field trip, or on a school bus. The school system does not assume responsibility for students’ personal property and does not insure or otherwise reimburse students for loss of or damage to their belongings.



Children will not be allowed to make telephone calls home during the school day except in emergency situations.  If a student becomes ill, a staff member will make the call home.  Please help your child develop a routine of placing things which must be brought to school in a designated place in order that money, books, musical instruments, and homework will not be left at home.  This will help your child become more responsible.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Parents are urged to label all articles of clothing so lost items can be quickly identified and returned to the owner.  Articles found in classrooms are temporarily held by the teacher until identified by the child.  After a reasonable time, these articles are placed in the "lost and found area" in the cafeteria. Lost eyeglasses and jewelry are taken to the main office.  Children should report lost or found items to the office.

FCPSon (Computer Use)

FCPSon (Computer Use)

Every student at Kings Glen will have a computer to use.  Please review the Responsible Use Guidelines for helpful guidance on how to take care of FCPS devices. Parents and students are required to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy for Student Network Access within the SR&R document

Party Invitations & Birthday Treats

Party Invitations

Please do not send party invitations for distribution at school.  Social arrangements should be made from home to avoid hurting the feelings of classmates, and to limit distractions that detract from the school's academic focus.

Birthday Treats

At this time, edible treats for other students may not be brought in to school.

Requests by Pediatricians and Private Practitioners

Requests by Pediatricians and Private Practitioners

To request that school personnel complete forms or checklists for pediatricians or other private practitioners, the following are required:

  • A release of information form available in the school office must be signed by the parent/guardian.

  • A stamped envelope addressed to the practitioner who requested the information must also be provided. The forms will be completed and mailed directly to the requesting office. The private practitioner may then interpret the data for parents within the context of his/her evaluation process.

Take-Home-Tuesday Envelopes

Take-Home-Tuesday Envelopes

On Tuesday of each week, students will bring home a large envelope.  Please review the contents,  and have your child return the envelope to school the next day. 

Assignment Notebook

Assignment Notebook

The Kings Park/Kings Glen PTA has provided each student an assignment notebook. The assignment book is expected to be completed by the student, and it provides parents an opportunity to monitor assignments and communicate with the teacher.

Additional Guidelines

Additional Guidelines

For additional guidelines on expectations please review the FCPS Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R).

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R)