Advanced Academics Program


KGES Advanced Academics Resource Teacher (AART)

Lisa Rode

Gifted Education Teacher, ES

Fairfax County Public Schools offers a continuum of advanced academic services for students K-12 that builds upon students' individual strengths and skills and maximizes academic potential for all learners.

FCPS policies and procedures are grounded in equity and inclusion. Our commitment to providing rigor to all students is part of the FCPS strategic plan. AAP offers a continuum of advanced academic services to meet a broad range of student needs. We take a holistic approach that uses a variety of assessments to determine the level of service to match the child’s current needs.

At Kings Glen we provide 4 levels of service.

  • Level II: Differentiated Lessons
    The Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) collaborates with classroom teachers to provide additional challenges through lessons and resources that extend and enrich the Program of Studies. Screening for this level of service is ongoing throughout the school year.
  • Level III: Part-Time Advanced Academics Programs
    Students identified by a local school screening committee for Level III part-time advanced academic services are challenged through models and strategies designed to extend and enrich the POS in the four core subject areas. The Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) collaborates with classroom teachers to provide services either in a pull-out setting, push-in to the classroom, or through a coaching model.
  • Level IV: Full-Time Advanced Academic Programs
    Students found eligible for placement in full-time Level IV Advanced Academic Programs through a central selection process receive a highly challenging instructional program in the four core subject areas. The full-time advanced academic program is differentiated in depth, breadth, and pace of instruction.
    It provides an appropriate level of challenge for highly gifted learners with a strong emphasis on critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving. The mathematics curriculum is accelerated by one grade level and readings and resources that are used in other subject areas are also presented at advanced levels.

Young Scholars

The Young Scholars (YS) Model identifies and nurtures advanced academic potential in students from historically underrepresented populations. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) created the Young Scholars Model to increase representation of diverse students in K-12 Advanced Academic Programs. In this model school staff and families work together to find and nurture gifted potential, support academic mindsets and habits, and prepare students for more challenging and rigorous course.


Screening is done schoolwide in the spring to determine services for the next school year. Parents or guardians may initiate the screening by submitting the AAP School-Based Services (Level II-III) at any time throughout the school year.

Referrals for Full-Time AAP Level IV

Parents or guardians may initiate the full-time AAP Level IV screening process by completing and submitting an Advanced Academic Programs Level IV Referral Form to the local school.

The level IV referral deadline is December 15th. Refer to the Testing and Identification Timeline for Students Attending FCPS webpage for more information.