Change in Transportation Arrangements

Please send a written message before 2:00 PM the day of the requested change to school officials any time there is a change in a student’s transportation to or from school. These notes can be delivered to the school office, faxed to the office or emailed to @email. Should an emergency require that a child walk or ride home in a car with a friend, both children are required to bring notes from their parents to the school office on the morning of the day permission is requested. Many buses are filled to capacity; therefore students are not allowed to ride any bus other than his/her assigned bus. Walking students are also not allowed to ride another student’s bus home for any reason. If a student is going home with another student by car, the parent/guardian who is providing this transportation will need to come into the office and sign out both students.

Parking and Traffic Safetygraphic of school bus

Transportation by car is recommended only for special or emergency situations. Due to traffic congestion at the entrance of the school during opening and closing hours, we request that no cars be in the traffic circle in front of the school before school or after 3:00 PM. This one-way lane is reserved for the arrival and departure of our buses. Please remember that parking along the yellow curb in front of the school is prohibited at all times. This lane must be clear for the arrival of emergency vehicles and the arrival/departure of buses. If accompanying your child into the building, please park your car in a designated parking space.

Please always watch for children, buses and other cars when driving near the school or discharging/picking-up your child. It is extremely important that you do not discharge/pick up passengers along Clydesdale Road or Danbury Forest Drive.


Kiss and Ride

Parents transporting their children to school during arrival/dismissal times should use the "Kiss and Ride" to discharge/pickup their passengers. Please do not discharge/pick up passengers along Clydesdale Road or Danbury Forest Drive.  Remember to have your child leave and enter from the passenger side of your car.  Staff members and safety patrols are assigned to the "Kiss and Ride" area and will assist your child getting out of and into your car.  Only one car at a time should be loading or unloading.  Please pull your car forward as far as possible alongside of the curb and do not pass other cars while children are being loaded or discharged. Please note that school doors do not open until 8:25 AM. Please do not drop children off before 8:25 because there is no adult supervision before that time.

Transportation Services (FCPS link)

Safety and Transportation (FCPS link)


Student Safety Patrols

Under the leadership of a teacher-sponsor, student patrols assist in the safety of all students.  Students are stationed at school crossings to assist children and are also assigned to the various buses and bus stops.  All students are expected to obey the patrols' instructions at all times. Patrols report to the Patrol Sponsor any students they observe who are not following school safety procedures, and parents will be notified either through a note sent home by the classroom teacher, phone call, or letter from the principal.

Emergency School Closing, Delayed Opening or Early Dismissal

In  the  event  of  an  emergency,  such  as extreme  heat,  cold  or  snow,  the  Division Superintendent may decide to have:

All-Day Closing

  • All schools shall be closed for the day.
  • Extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, field trips, adult and community  education classes, and recreation programs in school and on school grounds are canceled.
  • All offices are open unless the closing of offices is specified.

Two-Hour Delayed Opening

Two-Hour Early Dismissal

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 FCPS Inclement Weather Information